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3D Models

Learn about formats, guides, metadata (i.e. semantic labels), and additional details surrounding our content.


Try out demos for creative and technical demonstrations of utilizing our assets.


Learn about how to utilize our content in Unity. This includes import guides, our streaming plugin, and pre-made assets on the Unity Asset Store.

Unreal Engine

Learn how to import our content into Unreal Engine with our import guide.


Checkout our example Roblox asset that you can use to build experiences.

3D Tiles with Cesium

We support the complete suite of Cesium clients including web and games engines like Unity and Unreal.

Window Metadata

Our window meshes contain semantic information that you can use in your projects.

Georeference Models

Our models contain a georeferenced base point that you can use to place them alongside other geospatial data.

Extra Metadata

Learn more about the extra metadata that ties our models to the physical world.

An example of our Window Metadata in action in Unity (see Unity Window Metadata Tutorial)

final glowing windows